Why you should use a recruiter

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Ever wondered why you would use a recruiter for your job search and what you should expect from them?  See below a few basic points how recruitment agencies like Clark Miller can help you secure your dream role.

1. Market Reach & Insider information
At least 70% of jobs in Accounting are unadvertised.  Using a recruiter will expand your job search and put you in the hands of people who spend their whole day searching for jobs.  In addition, most Accounting firms do not publish much information about their firm.  A good recruiter will be able to tell you about their client’s clientbase, structure of their teams, workplace culture, software used and flexible arrangements, in comparison to other firms.

2. Interview preparation

A good recruiter will always give you additional interview preparation and workshop a few likely scenarios to be prepared for.  Being prepared for an interview will not only increase your chances of an offer, but will also make it more likely that they off you at the top of their salary band for the position. 

3. CV writing advice
Working in recruitment, we look at around 100 CVs a day and to be fair 90% of them leave a lot to be desired.  From bad formatting, terrible English to irrelevant information, we see it all on a regular basis.  Working with a recruiter will give you the opportunity to improve the quality of your CV and improve your chances of landing an interview with your ideal company.

4. Take the pressure out of your job search

You are already working 35 – 45 hours a week, do you really want to add another 5 hours a week browsing Seek, LinkedIn, Indeed?  Why not use the resources of a professional who has already spent the time browsing all relevant avenues for you, giving you more time to focus on interview preparation and applying for roles that are actually suitable.

5. Post Placement advice
A good recruiter will always keep in touch with you after they have placed you in a role. If something doesn’t turn out to be as expected, they can provide you with impartial advice on how to approach the situation in a meeting with your manager.  A recruiter can also give you a salary appraisal before a salary review so that you know you are getting paid fairly.

At Clark Miller, we take pride in spending time with our candidates on their jobsearch and attempt to actively cultivate a relationship that extends beyond sending your CV to everyone on our contact list. If you have any further questions about recruitment, CV advice or tips on interview preparation, please get in touch with the team on (02) 8052 4047