Managing Your Resignation

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You love it or you hate it. It’s up there with public speaking on people’s number 1 greatest hates list. But just like public speaking, it is something that you have to prepare for.

There are a few ways that resignations generally can go:
1.“Sad to see you go, thanks for all of your hard work, feel free to save my number and we can catch up for a beer one day” – My personal favourite: the amicable split with the promise of a frosty lager down the line.

2.“Sorry, that’s not happening – what do you want, we will give it to you” – a high risk situation.Don’t give in to temptation!

3. And my absolute least favourite “We have done so much for you,*insert guilt trip / emotional blackmail* and you are going to leave us just before *insert deadline*??? There is ALWAYS a deadline around the corner in accounting.  If anyone says this to you, run a mile.

The only situation you really need to prepare for is number two. A good candidate like yourself will often find themselves in this situation.Hiring is stressful, losing good staff is even worse. Desperate employers will often counteroffer you with more money and/or better conditions so you stay in your current position. Remember to stay strong, politely reject their offer and remember the reasons that made you look for other opportunities in the first place. Staff who accept counter offers never truly regain the trust of their employers and most of the time will leave within 6 months anyway. Our candidates who are promised a change in conditions often find the promises never truly eventuate.

If you do receive a counteroffer that you think is too good to refuse, do not accept the offer in the room. Make sure you speak to your recruiter, a family member or someone who you trust in the accounting industry.

If you need any help preparing for your resignation, feel free to get in touch with David on 0416 417 848.