How often do you look at your Career from a new perspective?

At Clark Miller we do it every day, with a view of ensuring that your Career is maximising opportunities for growth in this rapidly changing landscape. A passion for good relationships, partnerships, culture, attitude, innovation and implementation has set us apart.

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Curriculum Vitae (CV) Writing Guide

Curriculum Vitae (CV)Writing Guide Your CV is the hiring manager’s first impression of your profile and therefore should reflect your best qualities, including clear communication.

Jul 14, 2021

Three ways to ace your interview post COVID-19.

It’s been said, COVID-19 killed the handshake. So, what replaces it? We’ve all heard it, “A firm handshake communicates a strong, confident personality, and is how […]

Jul 14, 2021

Why you should use a recruiter

Ever wondered why you would use a recruiter for your job search and what you should expect from them?  See below a few basic points how […]

Jul 14, 2021