Three ways to ace your interview post COVID-19.

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It’s been said, COVID-19 killed the handshake. So, what replaces it?
We’ve all heard it, “A firm handshake communicates a strong, confident personality, and is how you should open an interview” So how do you make a memorable impression when we aren’t shaking hands in the post COVID-19 era?

1. Smile A genuine warm smile and eye contact alludes confidence and trust within the interviewer.
2. Pop your elbow Don’t feel you can’t give the interviewer an elbow pump when you meet them. It makes for light introductions and will surely make for a good icebreaker.
3. A strong ‘Hello’ Adele was on the right track with this, make sure you prepare a confident introduction about yourself and get ready to sell yourself. A ‘Good morning, my name is Richard. It’s great to meet you! I am here for my interview’ is a great start.

Pro tip: Avoid playing on your phone or scrolling through social media whilst waiting for your interview as this looks unprofessional and shows your interviewer that you’re easily distracted.
No matter what you choose it is important to always keep it professional. We don’t suggest doing a ‘foot shake’ or ‘fist bump’ and make sure you put your hand away as there are no more handshakes. Ensure to sanitise and check-in for any appointments and follow any other safety guidelines you may be asked to abide by when heading in for an interview.For any enquires always contact our team.